Friday, December 21, 2012

What To Do With All The Greeting Cards?

During the holidays we all get so many greeting cards. A lot with pictures of your friends family or children. I do not like throwing them away.  I keep them year after year.  I mean how can you throw away someones picture?
I found a nice way to display them in your home.  This way when you r friends come over they will be so happy to see their card hanging in your home.
Here are so ideas of what you can do to display the cards.
Punch a whole on the top of the card at least 1 1/4 inch of ribbon and tie them together.  Then you can hang up the ribbon on your stair case banister.  You can use festive clips to also hang them off the ribbon base.
You can drape them on a cord. put them on gold or silver cord across the front of your mantel, table, wall like a clothesline. Place each card over the cords so that they rest on it. or again you can hang them with decorative fasteners.
Make a bulletin board. If you have a large frame just cut cardboard and make a small collage.  Use red and green push pins to give it the holiday theme.
Put them in a pretty basket by the front door.  With a little sign saying Holiday card.  Everyone will see them as they are walking in.
It's nice to display them. People take so much time in the planning of their cards.  Why not take a little time to display them..


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