Thursday, December 20, 2012

Party Conversations

Some of us have a hard time making conversations with people at parties. 
Since it's the season we all know that people are having tons of parties. 
Sometimes there are people we don't know at the party.  I experienced this at my husbands work party we went to the other night. I knew no one.  I sometimes feel uncomfortable trying to start a conversation. 
The first thing I did was had my husband get me a drink.  I had a diet Coke to be honest with you.  It's always good to have a prop to hold when your nervous. 
My husband introduced me to some people and when he walked away for a second.  I thought OH NO what do I do now?  I started asking questions about how long they were at the company, what they did etc..
Before I knew it others came by to meet me. I felt OK if my husband had to walk away. 
My advise no matter if your at a wedding, a party, or even on line at the bank.  It's OK  to start conversation with people.  They are just as nervous as you are too. It's nice to laugh and make new friends. 
That's what life is all about..
Today while your on line at the checkout counter or if you are going to a party, smile and talk to someone you never met.  It will make you feel good! I sure did!


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