Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas is Over..

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. 
 I know we did.  It was really nice with our whole family!  Everyone enjoyed themselves.
Santa arrived early in the morning and when we all woke there were so many gifts under the tree. 
Another great surprise for all of us.
Turkey, Ham, stuffing, sweet potatoes were just some of the food we had.  There was so much to go around. 
 We still have tons of left overs!
The only thing is me... I have the flu.  I can tell you I am not happy.  On top of that I have 2 herniated discs that the pain shoots down my leg. 
 Need I say anything more?
REST?? That is so hard for me to do. 
To lay down and not do anything.  I think I am losing my mind.  Today my fever hit 103..
On top of that I went to the pain Doctor and I am scheduled for a epidural on Monday for the pain. 
 They said no aspirin of any kind.  So I am trying so hard to keep the fever low.  I need that shot on Monday cause the pain is so unreal.  I can't even explain the shooting pain I am feeling. I will admit with all the pain and fever I still went out to Target to get some Christmas ornaments on sale for .50 Cents. I had too. I need to get more but I will wait for tomorrow and hit another store. Trying to save them for next year so I can make my wreaths for friends and family.
So now its off to bed to rest again..  I think I am going to do some scrap booking in bed.  Is that possible?      


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