Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cookie Exchange Party

I LOVE hosting Cookie Exchange Parties. 
It's a fun time to eat, drink and share recipes
of your favorite cookies.
Plus you get to take home cookies that you might
never had made.
If your thinking about having one, you still have time
to host a exchange. 
Even though a lot of people have them before Christmas.  I always try to have them after the holiday. 
If you do not want to do it at your house, then host one at your office, a park or even at your mommy group. 
Here are some tips and some of my rules
when I am hosting my party. 
Make sure to plan ahead.
When having it during the holiday. 
Everyone is so busy. 
Send out your invitations at least 1 month in advance.
On your invitation make sure you have your guests bring at least 5-7 dozen cookies. I always ask for 7 dozen. 
It allows at least 2-3 for the house for all to eat
and 3 dozen for everyone to take home.
Avoid chocolate chip.  I always tell my friends
NO chocolate chip. 
You want them to be creative.  I don't even allow store bought unless its from a specialty bakery.
When your guest RSVP make sure they tell you what type of cookie they will be making so you don't have too many doubles. You want everyone to have a nice selection of different cookies.
Have your guests print out copies of their
recipe to share with everyone. 
Make sure you have pretty packaging for them to take home their cookies.  Or ask them to bring a container so they can fill up before they leave.
Arrange your table with tent cards to tell everyone the name of the cookie and display them pretty.
I also make an ornament for each guest. It's my way of saying thank you for coming.
Have you every had a cookie exchange party?  What are some of your rules?   
I would love to hear!!


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