Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Quick Decorating ideas

Have you decorated yet? 
 I am all done.  Except for wrapping the gifts. 
The gifts make me stressed. 
Since I am trying to be stress free this year I am going to start tonight. 
 Then stick them somewhere in the closet where the kids can't find them.
You would think that since my kids
are 16 and 20 (almost 21)
 I would just put them under the tree...NO I still wait until they are sleeping. Which is about 3:00 AM and sneak down stairs to make believe Santa came..
I did give them the option this year if they wanted them out now, They both said no.
At least we all agree on the same thing.
If you are behind with some of your decorating, here are some cool ideas to make it a little faster so you can get caught up and enjoy the rest of the season.
If you are still looking for a tree topper.  I have seen so many tree's this year with paper mache letters.  Done in Silver. gold, green or red.  I must admit they look pretty good. You just nestle it in the branches.
Cover your mantel with garland and lights. Some ornaments on top will make it complete.
I bought a few small wreaths from the Dollar Store.  I hung them around the house, even on my tree.
Arrange candles in a bowl or jingle bells and clear glass ornaments.  They look so pretty.
It just takes a little to make it look like Christmas!  


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