Friday, December 28, 2012

My Christmas Dessert Table

Christmas is not complete if I do not have my dessert table. No matter how sick I was I was going to make sure this was done.  There was so much.  But I think it came out so pretty and everyone was so happy I did it.  There was more then enough to go around. I gave everyone tins to back up goodies to take home with them. I love Christmas and I love creating dessert tables. 
 They really are so much fun!    

Our dessert able looked perfect

These are my peppermint carrot cake cupcake sandwiches. They are cut in half then I added cream cheese frosting in the middle, sprinkled with crystals, then topped again with cream cheese frosting and to hold it together was a peppermint stick.  They tasted out of this world.
Here are my chocolate chip cookie trees. Each cookie was frosted with green frosting and then topped with sprinkles.  It looked just like a Christmas tree. 

Large peppermint stick lollipops and chocolate Santa's lined with Christmas marshmallows made this look so cute.

This was an experiment I did I took Andie Candies and melted them poured it over pretzels, marshmallows and Oreo cookies.  It was really a different type of mix, Everyone really liked them. I also did it with peppermint chocolate too. 

My Cake balls topped with sprinkles.  

 Everyone needs an Apple pie who can go wrong with that?

And of course Christmas Candy.  A must have for every party!


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