Monday, December 10, 2012

Party Guests

Party Guests
It's that time of the year when everyone is celebrating and opening your home to friends and family.
Getting your home ready for a party or a holiday meal can be so stressful. 
 I know I had a party last night. I must say it came out perfect!  Everyone had fun.  Laughing, dancing, eating drinking. Who can ask for more?  
You can lose sight of what is really important.  A lot of people become stressed out while planing.  All it takes is a few simple steps where you can just make it easier on yourself. 
If you plan ahead you will be ready!!
 Set your tables the night before.  This way you have time to make sure everything looks the way it should.  Prepare your food also the day before. For an example if I am serving Cheese and crackers I make sure my cheese is cut and ready to just put out. 
It saves so much time.
 Make your guests feel at home.  I always have candles burning.  Candles makes your home inviting.
If they want to help.  I always say sure! 
But more then anything
 I love that they just enjoy themselves. 


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