Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ornament Love

I love ornaments!
Next year I am going to have to buy a new tree.
( Our tree is not real) This way I will be able to use all my ornaments. I love going to the after Christmas sale and buying them. My ornaments mean so much to me. One day they will be passed down to my children when they are married and start their own holidays!
So how can you care for your precious ornaments?
Follow some of these tips and your ornaments will survive many Christmas days!
Use a dry cloth ( never wet) to polish imperfections.
To dust them, use a makeup brush.
If you have a minor repair Elmer's Glue is what needs to be used. It can be wiped away if you make a mistake, and it dries clear.
When ready to pack up your ornaments use acid free tissue paper. If you have a lot of white linens you can use them as well as dish towels. Color can get on your ornaments packed away.
Some storage Tricks:
Use egg cartons to store small items, or even take out boxes, line it with acid free paper.
Keep delicate ornaments in a zippered plastic storage bags
Use metal and wood boxes which are uncrushable and will keep harmful moisture out.
Use dividers for boxes, to keep ornaments from knocking into each other.
And remember just to handle them with care!!


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