Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's Getting Closer!!

It's getting closer to the day that every child waits for.  Christmas.  We spend a lot of time preparing for it, and then before we know it, its all over!  Tonight I am starting to wrap the gifts.  I always need to take inventory on what I bought.  I start buying and putting things away in August.  Sometimes I forget where I had hid it.  These next few days write it down. This way you will be sure to remember everything.
Here are some neat things to do on Christmas Day. 
Don't forget to watch the Disney Christmas Parade.  I love watching it. I love to see all the characters all dressed up in their holiday outfits.  The backdrops and decor are out of this work.  The annual parade always has great stars.  My daughter loves watching it.
Don't forget to get out the Christmas music. We all wait all year so we can put it on.  Everyone singing in the house,  No matter what your style is in music there is something for everyone.
I'm of course love Bon Jovi Christmas hits. 
Enjoy a happy holiday movie night! Watch animated classics like A Charlie Brown Christmas. A favorite is Elf.  That makes me laugh every time! Even an old movie like It's a Wonderful Life.
Do something different start something new!!


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