Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Around The World

Most places around the world celebrate just like us! They have Christmas trees and they also open presents. Everyone has their own special traditions.  We went to Epcot over the holidays (to me that is like going around the world) and we stopped at every country to learn how they celebrate Christmas.  I thought it was really cool. Every country had a Santa/.  Some Santa's are not like ours.  I was surprised to see that everyone has their own.
In Scotland on Christmas Eve Known as Sowans Nicht people burn a twig as they release any grudges they have been holding towards others. It's about forgiveness. 
In Spain each person's name is written on a card, which is put in a bowl called the "Urn of Fate." The cards then are drawn two at a time and each pair is fated to be each other's special friend, protector and confidant in the new year.
In China they have a Christmas tree like we do, but in addition to ornaments and tinsel they decorate it with bright paper chains which means happiness and eternity and their family's never ending Bond that they have.
In Mexico they not only celebrate on Christmas Day. But they also celebrate every night from the 14th to the 24 of December.  Theirs is called Posada.  The first Posada is a Christmas pinata party. They usually have a star filled with candy and then the participants blindfolded and each one hits it until its broken.  Everyone shares the candy. Then they have hot cocoa to end the night.
In France they celebrate with holiday cake of the Kings.  A trinket is hidden inside and the person lucky enough to get that piece is crowned King or Queen for the day.  The custom honors the Three Kings who nought gifts to the baby Jesus. The trinket known as "la Feve" Can be anything from small porcelain baby to a whole shelled almond.
In Germany is where the Christmas tree originated. They have the Christmas Pickle.  Its a glass ornament that is tucked deep in the boughs of the tree .  The first child to find it in the morning (its hard cause it blends with the tree) gets an extra present or is not allowed to open his or her presents first.
I hope you enjoyed getting to know some of the other traditions around the world. 
I would love for you to share some of your traditions with me. Email me so I can post them! 


Susi Kleiman said...

Cindy, do you know that we never even heard of the pickle tradition until we moved here? My mom has an annual Christmas party for her co-workers and they have the most fun finding the pickle! I'm always amazed to find out how many things originated from Germany... the candy cane for one!
Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Cindy Soto said...

Thank you Susi!! Never heard about that one!!

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