Monday, October 21, 2013


To all my followers for many years.
As you know I have sold My Dream Party. I will this business of children tea party and shower teas,
but its time for me to move on.
My business Sweet Servings has reached a new level that I need to dedicate all my time too. It does not mean I cannot plan parties any longer it just is under a new name. 
So please hop on over to my new blog at and stay updated with many of my new beautiful candy and dessert tables.  
 We will be doing give-a-ways, and still planning beautiful events and parties !!!
visit us at
Love to all

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Danielle's Gourmet Lollipops

Danielle's Gourmet Lollipops.
My daughter Danielle is following in her mom's foot steps..
At least just for a little while.  Danielle wanted a way that she can raise money to buy herself a car. Also clothes and shoes. Typical of a 17 year old!!
Danielle started her own line of Gourmet Lollipops. 
She has all flavors from Cotton Candy to Root beer. 
What makes all of these special?  The taste.  It's all perfect!
You can customize them as party favors for all events such as birthdays and weddings. You can order your favorite flavor in any color to match your decor. 
In addition to her gourmet lollipops Danielle also has mini swirl pops, medium swirl pops, large swirl pops and gigantic swirl pops.  All come in different colors too.
This is her new addition the Gigantic Pop.  it is approx 15.25 x 15.25 inches the stick measures 11.50 inches and it is about 2 1/2 inches thick.  Oh did I leave out the weight.. Only 10 pounds...
This could last years for a candy lover!
Pictures and Flavors will be added this week.
To place an order go to
Or email us!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Martini

My husband and I went to a really cool party the other weekend. 
Everyone received a little shaker with an invitation to come for
happy hour to a friend's house.
It also gave us a recipe to make a Martini. 
When we arrived at our friends house everyone who was invited brought with them a different kind of Martini. It was really neat that we got to taste all different unusual kinds. I never knew so many existed. The shakers were small and the glasses were little shot glasses so no one really had too much to drink. Her desserts were really cool, A lot of different kinds of mini donuts. It was so much fun!.
I wanted to share our recipe with you. 
We were lucky enough to have the chocolate Covered Strawberry Martini.
Pour 1 tbsp. strawberry syrup into martini glass
fill cocktail shaker with ice
add 3 tbsp each of vanilla, vodka and creme de cacao
Cover shake for about 30 seconds
This makes 1 serving.
add chocolate covered strawberry.
 ( we made 12 chocolate covered strawberries to bring with us)
mini donuts

Monday, March 4, 2013

60th Anniversary Peeps.

Here we peep again. 
When I see peeps I run out and by boxes full of them. Don't ask me why.  I still have cases of peeps. It's something about the fluffy sugar feeling that goes into your mouth.  Plus they are so cute!   These are very special.  I Found them at  Target. 
Vanilla Creme peeps.  What a nice way to celebrate their 60th.
Just think you can dip them in chocolate or make a peep S'more. I heard once they are gone you will not be able to find them.  So hurry and get yours today.
Tell me what you created with them..

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bon Jovi Tonight


If anyone knows me at all they know that I LOVE Bon Jovi. 
I have seen them 22 times! Yes I said 22 times. 
My kids have been going with my husband and I to the concert for the last 15 years. ( my poor husband rather sit home) 
My daughter Danielle loves them just as much as me. Tonight is the night. 
It's finally here. It's been a long two years since they came to South Florida.
We all can hardly wait until tonight at 7:30.
I get chills just thinking about it!! 
If you listen real hard you should hear me screaming!!
The best part of all is that today is his Birthday!
I get to spend his birthday with him!


Happy Saturday

Friday, March 1, 2013

Marshmallow Candy Melts

Marshmallow Candy Melts...
candy melts
This is not fair. Everyone knows I love Marshmallows. Now they have to come up with this? I can just imagine what you can do with this flavor. Not just for candy, but let's think S'more's. I know I am. I will for sure be experimenting with this all weekend if I have the time. Just think of dipping chocolate into the candy melts with a Graham cracker. Or just did the Graham cracker.
As soon as I start playing over the weekend I will make sure that I send tons of picture.
Make sure you get your's soon. It's only for limited time so stock up!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tiffany Theme

Tiffany Candy Table
Sunday I was a vendor at a bridal show. Don Shula hotel hosted the event. I am proud to say that I am the preferred vendor for their hotel. Knowing this show was going to drive many brides. I wanted to make sure that my table was grand and perfect.
I now just love doing the Tiffany theme. The colors are so eye-catching and everything looks first class.
My stands that I had my jars one. Came out perfect. The color matched and the glitter made it all pop.
Each jar was on a different size and height riser.
My cupcakes were great! Everyone loved them. I did your basic vanilla and chocolate. But what made these so cute were the embellishments that went with them. I had cut out sunglasses ans a dress to match the whole Tiffany theme.
Even my props came out great! The necklaces you see were made of gumballs.
Everything was perfect! Everything blended!
So for now this is my favorite. I received so many compliments and great feedback. It was first class all the way!
Thank you to everyone who came to visit me at the bridal show and to all my new clients welcome!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Kahlua Day

February 27, 2013 is

National Kahlua Day

It’s National Kahlua Day! Kahlua is a rich, creamy alcoholic liqueur from Mexico. People enjoy it straight up, on the rocks, and mixed in coffee or cocktails (like the White Russian). Kahlua is also used to flavor desserts such as ice cream, cakes, and cheesecakes.
The word “kahlua” means “house of the Acolhua people” in the Nahuatl language. A company named Domecq has produced the drink since 1936 and named it for the native people of Veracruz. Kahlua is made with rum, Mexican coffee, sugar, and vanilla.
To celebrate National Kahlua Day, mix up your favorite Kahlua cocktail or bake a divine Kahlua-flavored cake to share with friends!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sweet Servings

Did you come and sign up for my new blog at
Just click the link then go to my blog and on the right subcribe!!
See you there!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Blog

Hi Everyone
As you know I have two business My Dream Party and Sweet Servings. Since I am getting so busy with Sweet Servings.  It is making it impossible for me to continue to blog on 2 different blogs right now.
I am not closing the doors yet on My Dream Party.  I will still have it ope.  But I will no longer be doing parties for little children any more. Such as tea parties, spa parties, and dress up parties.  
Right now it's still hard for me to just  walk away.  So I will be keeping my name  My Dream Party. 
In the mean time I really would like you to come join me on my blog at http://www.sweetservings and see all the cool parties I am doing there.  I am still decorating and creating!!
Just go to my site click blog and on the right hand side subscribe! 
I hope to see you there!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Look What I Found!

The other day while I was in the supermarket looking around to see what was left over from Valentine's Day I came across these new items. I stopped in my tracks! I LOVE cool whip and could not believe that they came out with their own frosting. I had to buy one of each just so I could have a taste. The vanilla was just like the whip but a little thicker. The chocolate was a whole other experience. It was GREAT! I wish my own tasted as good as this. It's the type that even taste good if you needed to fill a cupcake in the center. I loved it. Both were so smooth and fluffy! 
frosting 3
Now if you know me by now you know that I love S'more's. When I saw this I could have fallen on th floor. Even if it tasted bad I would have still loved it. I must say Jello out did themselves. What a neat idea that tastes great! Now why couldn't I have thought of this? It's truly a great little treat. Now lets see if they can come up with it being sugar-free!
jello 1
They just keep coming up with more and more flavors! I spotted this right on the isle and could not believe my eyes. Again and again more and more flavors making it easy for anyone to use a can. NOT FAIR! I work hard making my flavors. Again had to buy these to see how they taste. As usual they did it again. The key lime was perfect. Loved it. I hear these are only for the summer. You have to try it. Just because it's there!
frosting 2

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Gumdrop Day

February 15, 2013 is

National Gumdrop Day

It’s National Gumdrop Day! Gumdrops are a tasty, chewy candy made with gelatin and coated with sugar. Gumdrops can come in fruity flavors like grape, cherry, orange, and lemon or spiced flavors like cinnamon, clove, mint, and anise.
Many people believe that a man named Percy Trusdale invented the gumdrop in 1801, but there is very little evidence to support this claim. What we do know is that gumdrops have been a popular confection for at least two hundred years. The board game Candy Land features both a Gumdrop Pass and a Gumdrop Mountain!
To celebrate National Gumdrop Day, use colorful gumdrops to decorate a cake or buy a bag of them to share with your friends!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

February 14, 2013 is

Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine’s Day! Surprise your loved ones with thoughtful cards, homemade chocolate treats, or a beautiful flower arrangement!
For centuries, people have celebrated February as the month of romance. In Ancient Rome, for example, a bachelor would pick the name of a young woman out of a hat during the festival of Lupercalia. He would be paired with his chosen woman for the year and often ended up marrying her.
The tradition of sending romantic greetings on the feast day of St. Valentine emerged during the Middle Ages. St. Valentine was a Roman priest who secretly performed marriages for young lovers forbidden to wed. February 14 was also a celebration of the day “the birds began to pair.” Today, Valentine’s Day is a popular occasion for romantic dinners, gift exchanges, and weekend getaways.
From punchbowl 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How to Find the Perfect Caterer.

Gosh that is a hard question.  How lucky was I to find this write up in the Bridal Guide.  It made it so much easier to tell my bride.  I wanted to share some tips with you.
You need to search at least 6 to 11 months before your event. You should contact at least 6 catering companies.  See what each one has to offer. to many will have you confused.
Before you make an appointment with them Make sure you have your list of questions for each caterer.  Don't forget to ask questions like if they accommodated vegetarians, what wines they like, if they work with a team of people? Some companies charge for alcohol and is usually not in the price.  Big question to ask!
Always take notes Get to know them. This will help you also make a decision.  If you decide to use someone else.  Always sent a email saying thank you. You never know when you might run into them or need them for another event.
4-9 months out it's now time to do your sit downs. Start talking about the cost with each of them. After each meeting they all should now present you with a proposal. If it falls within your budget and you like the cater, your next step is the tasting.
The tasting is the fun part for everyone. There are two different types of tasting.  Private or open-house. I had my client do a private tasting. They wanted to get their own input then hear others. Also when your at a private tasting, its a good time to go over the menu and talk about cost. Once you have tasted a few different choices set up an apoo9intment to the final tasting.  This is when the chef will make you the food they will be serving at the event.
2-7 months before is a good time to sign the contract. Make sure you allow yourself a lot of time.  Good caterers are busy and booked up sometimes a year in advance.
Good luck!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Candy Cake

I just could not wait to share with you my Candy Cake I made for a client for Valentine's Day.
It was a lot of work, but I have to admit I just love it.
The cake is made of 4 tiers.
The bottom layer is all candy hearts and then each layer after that is all chocolate's.
Not to mention a roll of nerds.
Then top off with a Large chocolate kiss, saying Happy Valentine's Day!.
It for an office party. Every piece can be taken off to eat. I love creating candy art. It's fun and so different. I have these listed in y shop now. You can order a cake starting with just 2 tiers and go up.
They are great for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Graduations,Quinces ,Sweet Sixteen or just to put a smile on someone's face.
Would love to hear from you all on my work of art!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I am Still Here

Hi all just wanted to let you know I am still here. I have been so busy with Valentine's Day orders that I have had no time to write on my blog. I am just about caught up. I can't wait to share with you all my creations. Will be posting again starting tomorrow!
Wait until you see my Valentine's Day Candy Cake!

It's Sunday Relax

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl Sunday!!

It's Superbowl Time
May the best team win!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

One-derland Party

My Cousin Brande had a birthday party for her son who was turning one. It was so cute. I could not wait to share it with you. Sorry I did not take many pictures cause I was socializing and totally forgot but you can get the idea of the party from what I did take.
It was called a One-derland Party. There was even snow which is really hard to do in South Florida. I still have mine in a plastic baggies. Keep forgetting to take it to school with me to show the kids in my class. I made the cupcakes they were a snowball come true. The little cake I baked for the birthday boy was filled and filled with icing. He loved it We were all laughing cause he just kept eating the cake..
I made vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with white icing then covered them with rock candy and topped off with a gumpaste snowflake. A lot of the cupcakes were filled. Everyone ate them really fast!
Birthday Boy loved the cake. I don't think he shared a piece with anyone!!
The coffee and tea station was so clever. Everyone got to mix and stir.. A lot of fun!

Everyone got to take home a bag of snow with directions on how to keep it fresh and reuse it again and again.

The best part is the Smore's party favors. Yes you know how I love and live for Smore's Everyone got to take home a box that was a real treat!
It was a great party!!
Well Done!!!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

I love Valentine's Day But to be honest it's my busiest time of the year. Between orders and parties every hour means a lot. Every second can't be wasted. All my friends know that these next 3 weeks not to invite me to anything. And yet I can't say no. My nights are sleepless thinking if I got my orders right, If I am missing anything or forgot to include something. Next year I promise to get myself a better system. Even thought I just purchased this software that cost me some money. Who has time to learn it right now. But I love to create so I am doing something I love.
I wanted to share with you my chocolate dipped marshmallow's on a stick. They are so cure an yummy!
By one or by 12. They all come wrapped and tagged. You can find them in my shop and on my Etsy site.
If you order by February 1. There is free shipping just enter the code freemarshmallowship on my Etsy site.
1 dozen is 15.95 or order 1 for 2.50 each
marshmallow pops