Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Blog

Hi Everyone
As you know I have two business My Dream Party and Sweet Servings. Since I am getting so busy with Sweet Servings.  It is making it impossible for me to continue to blog on 2 different blogs right now.
I am not closing the doors yet on My Dream Party.  I will still have it ope.  But I will no longer be doing parties for little children any more. Such as tea parties, spa parties, and dress up parties.  
Right now it's still hard for me to just  walk away.  So I will be keeping my name  My Dream Party. 
In the mean time I really would like you to come join me on my blog at http://www.sweetservings and see all the cool parties I am doing there.  I am still decorating and creating!!
Just go to my site click blog and on the right hand side subscribe! 
I hope to see you there!!


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