Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

I love Valentine's Day But to be honest it's my busiest time of the year. Between orders and parties every hour means a lot. Every second can't be wasted. All my friends know that these next 3 weeks not to invite me to anything. And yet I can't say no. My nights are sleepless thinking if I got my orders right, If I am missing anything or forgot to include something. Next year I promise to get myself a better system. Even thought I just purchased this software that cost me some money. Who has time to learn it right now. But I love to create so I am doing something I love.
I wanted to share with you my chocolate dipped marshmallow's on a stick. They are so cure an yummy!
By one or by 12. They all come wrapped and tagged. You can find them in my shop and on my Etsy site.
If you order by February 1. There is free shipping just enter the code freemarshmallowship on my Etsy site.
1 dozen is 15.95 or order 1 for 2.50 each
marshmallow pops


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