Thursday, January 17, 2013


I am starting to plan our trip again to the Magic Kingdom.  If you know our family, you know that we have been there over 100 times. We love it there. We have had season tickets for the past 15 years.  We have taken just about every tour possible.  
I wanted to share some secrets that you might not know that we have learned on some of the tours we have taken in the past.
The cement on Main Street is mixed with rubber-like material that makes it softer on your feet.
The walkways are designed to stimulate your imagination from the Old Western paths in Frontierland to gem-studded in Adventure land.  They say each park tells a story from the bottom up.
Next time look down and see what your walking on. Each time you enter a new land
there is a new path.
They have designed the magic kingdom to make circle rules. From the round shapes of the ubiquitous Mickey Shaped balloons to the circular layout of the theme parks, its a loop after a loop . Everything curve flows into the next. They designed it that way to put people at ease.
Cascading Waters
Water is another design in Disney World. From Splash mountain, to Dumbo rushing water is proven to create positive, uplifting effect on your brain.  Disney had experts take a poll and it makes you happier and more alert.
The architecture of Disney World is designed to make you look up and inspire you
to reach for the stars.
Your sense of smell is the most closely associated a warm feeling.  Disney pumps out delicious scents from machines called smellitizers.  The next time your in the ice cream shop. When you walk in you smell waffle cones, and in the candy shop you smell the candy.  It makes you want to purchase food, candy even soda when you smell the scent from the moment you walk in.
Anyone else know any secrets that you would like to share?
Here we come Disney!!!     


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