Friday, January 18, 2013

Good Enough To Eat

Everyone always starts blogging early about
Valentine's Day.
Usually I am the one that waits to the last second. 
This year with my business going full force I thought
I better start early. 
I am so glad I did. I love the Ice Cream Candy Sundaes
I created this year. 
They are coming out so cute and are
getting great reviews. 
They are sundae glasses filled with candy
 ( you can pick between 3 different kinds) topped off with taffy or chocolate.
 Oh and we can't forget the red gumball on the top. 
Each one has a pixie stick as a straw. 
They make the perfect party favor, centerpiece
or gift for anyone! 
Right now I have free shipping on them when you order between now and January 25.
You can purchase them in my store online or on my Etsy store at
I will be adding new items all week long.
Make sure to visit!! 


Sandra Lee said...

My gosh you are creative, I love these!

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