Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Party Time

It's that time of year when new sets of parties begin. I sit here and try to think of new ideas to offer my clients. Some like the old ideas and some want new, something fresh, something no one has had yet. So with everyone turning 1 year older what better way to celebrate then have a theme related to a certain decade. Here are some cool examples.

1930's have a jazz theme, swing and big bands.

1940's Casablanca, It;s a Wonderful World. Black and White Party make it into a gala. Movie theme.. Hollywood.

1950's Sock Hop, poodle shirts, glasses, line dance

1960's Give Peace a Change, Love, tie dye, colors

1970's Disco, big flashy stuff, lots of silver oh and don't forget the polyester.

1980's The breakfast club, Pretty in Pink, punk rock

1990's Friends, it's all about friends!

I also love surprise parties. To see their face when they really have no idea what just hit them. I did a surprise party for my husbands 40th. The look on his face was priceless

That gives me a place to start! There are so many cool things to incorporate. So many cool props you can have. Now it's on to Pinterest I bet I find hundreds of party ideas based on decades.s. It sure was a job to keep it a secret. That in itself was work.

follow these steps for a hush-hush party

plan ahead, the menu, cake, time to set up.

the invites make sure they say Surprise really big on the invitation

determine what time to have your guests there and what time the guest of honor should arrive.

I have a sweet sixteen that I am going to be doing in May. Hollywood, Sex in the City are the 2 themes I have to work with. I love it when I need to think outside the box!

Well this should get you on the right path in planning your next party when you want to have something different. If you have any other ideas I would love for you to share with me


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