Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dessert Tables

Dessert Tables are one of the most popular requests I get from clients. 
The traditional cake is a thing of the past. 
Now dessert tables WOW your guests
at all types of parties. 
Allowing guests to venture out and try different types of desserts is fun!  They always eat it too!!
Dessert bars do not always have to match your theme. Its all about the presentation. Use tables, tea carts, trolley carts as some o your props. It's about making your table stand out so they will remember and talk about it for months and months to come.
Having different types of desserts are fine. they don't have to be all the same color as long as they are packaged and arranged in a theme.
If your not sure how many to offer stick to what I do. 
 At least 6 to 8 offerings. 
 Even though no one can eat all that. It's better to have more then not enough. Your guests will eat it all. 
If your on a budget offer marshmallows one of my favorite, cupcakes,and rice krispy treats.
Enjoy and have fun!
Table below is by Amy Atlas



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Your posts are always so informative, thanks for sharing your expertise.

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