Thursday, January 3, 2013

Saying Thank you

When I was reading my Martha Stewart magazines trying to get caught up. I ran across the some of her ideas for great gifts.  She is so smart and clever.  Some of these I would have never thought of.  They make perfect party favors for all events.  From Birthdays to Weddings. She always amazes me..
I wanted to share them with you..
Plants this one is from
Each one comes with a packet of herb seeds and is really easy to wrap.  Great for a shower favor.
Candy, you know how I love candy!  I think they make a great gift no matter what.  This is so darn cute.  I might have to copy the idea!!
Notebooks. These are from Barnes and Noble.  I always forget to go there.  But these are pink and I love them. 

This one is my favorite.Someone gave out Pallini Limoncello in the travel size, and it came with a shot glass. I want one just for myself.
Chocolates.  Who can go wrong with this?  It's nice when you sit down and at your chair and on your plate is a chocolate bar saying thank you.

These are so sweet.  Anyone else have any ideas?


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