Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wedding Lingo

I found this from Bridal Guide Magazine.  I thought this was so clever. 
I just had to share it with you.
Everyone even vendors like myself need to know the wedding lingo and keep up with it all. 
When your talking about cakes.  The most common type of icing is
Buttercream- It's soft and creamy and very sweet.
Fondant- It's smooth, porcelain like finish it's more expensive then buttercream.
Royal Icing- a hard brittle type of icing and to me it does not taste so good. You find they ,make the flowers with this type of icing.
Canape- a bite-size appetizer served on a small round piece of bread
Corkage Fee- Many caterers charge a fee per bottle of alcohol just to open it during your reception. This charge is only if you supplied the bottles.
Crudites- An appetizer of raw vegetables served with dip.
Ceremony Music
Prelude- Quite gentle background music played at the beginning of the ceremony
Processional-Music played as the bridal party is walking down the aisle
Recessional-Upbeat music played at the end of the service.
Blusher- A short thin layer of veiling worn over the face and flipped back when the bride reaches the alter
Fingertip- The length of this veil extends to the fingertips when the bride holds her hands straight down
Flyaway- A veil with multiple tiers, the longest at the shoulder
Basque Waist- A continuation of the bodice that dips below the natural waist in front ending in a point.
Engraving- A formal Printing style, slightly raised lettering.
Thermography-a machine printing process that uses heated powder to give a raised look.
Cascade-A bouquet style in which the blossoms are woven into a waterfall effect.
Filler-Inexpensive flowers used to fill out bouquets like baby's breath.
Pomander- A small round ball of flowers suspended from a ribbon handle.  Flower girls usually carry this.
Escort Cards- These direct guests to their tables.
Place cards-These can be used at very formal weddings
Table Cards- Displayed on reception table bearing a number or guests name to find their seat.
I hope I helped you with some of the lingo out there.  Some I even never heard before!!


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