Monday, January 28, 2013

Candy Candy Candy

My client base is growing and I am so excited. I get a lot of emails from people who do not live near me and need help with their candy tables for their wedding or event. I always love the opportunity to help and make someones event come out great. I help as long as they promise to share their pictures with me. It makes me feel like I had something to do with the party. Since I have so many out of state emails. (Sometimes over 50 a day) I wanted to share with you the candy I can supply you in all colors. Everything from gumballs to Gummies and lets not forget chocolate. I will not ship chocolate during the summer months. If I do it will cost more to keep it cool. I am starting to add the candy to my Etsy site. It takes a lot of time. Right now I am in the process of adding Valentine's Day candy. SO if there is something you need or want make sure to order it fast. I will only ship the candy in a medium or large priority box. If you have any questions email me. I am always here to help!
Have a Sweet Day!!



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