Saturday, December 15, 2012

Easy Holiday Craft Ideas

I wanted to share with you how easy it is to decorate your home for the holidays without breaking the bank.  
I love being able to find sales on Christmas items, and the best place to go is the Dollar store.
 I could spend hours in there just looking around. 
 When you go to the Dollar Store you really need
to think outside the box. 
 On the Internet there are so many creative people who I get a lot of my ideas from. 
 People amaze me of what they come up with.
  It leaves me searching for the same things and adding it to my list to do.  ( My list keeps growing)
I am sharing a few pictures with you  today
and post the rest with you later this week.
My Mantel
Mantels are in now.  Everyone decorates them based on the season or the up coming holiday. 
I thought might as well join everyone.
My Christmas Mantel is perfect for me. 
 Hanging our stocking adding a little lights makes it really stand out  

Since I do Candy tables I have so many of the glass jars.  I needed to add something more to the table. 
I went to the Dollar Store and bought 3 packs of ornaments and just filled the jars.  It makes my table really look festive.  

I needed to put something on my china cabinet doors.  Again I went to the Dollar Store and bought these little wreaths to hang on them.  It was all that I needed. 

Here is my beautiful tree.  No I did not get this at the Dollar Store, but I wish they did sell trees there. 
Our Christmas Tree is only complete with our Disney Monorail and the Grand Floridian..
Have a blessed day!! 


Charlotte said...

Love the ornaments in the candy jars, really lovely!

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