Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Decorating Mangement

The holidays come so fast. We are never prepared no matter how we try. It just sneaks up on us.Between the parties, the gift buying, cooking making and house decorating sometimes it can overwhelm us! 
I look through magazines during the holidays I see pretty decorating ideas, and now I also see articles on stress during the season.  Holidays should be stress free. 
 Here are some little decorating tips to follow.
I hope it helps you!
Before you start planning for the holiday ask yourself what you love most?  What you dread most?  This will help you with your to do list.
Family time is important to me. I always pick a date in advance for my family cookie making.  It allows all of us to know that we have family plans on that day.  
I have always had a problem with saying no.  Now I realize that sometimes you have to. Since the holidays are so busy, you can't do everything.  Saying no is OK!
Don't stress over holiday cards.  Sometimes you just can't get to them.  I know.  This year I did not take the family holiday picture for my Christmas cards.  So instead I am waiting until after Christmas and sending out Happy New Year cards. 
This gives me more time to get them done. 
If your going away for the holidays but still feel the need to decorate your home.  Just focus on areas such as the front door, or design a mantel, maybe decorating your coffee table. Leave the rest be.  I even saw this year really pretty table top trees.  Decorate one for your home in a smaller scale.
Display your presents.  Presents by a mantel or even a chair can make the house so pretty. It becomes part of your Christmas decorations. 
This year make sure you throw out all the lights that don't work.  If your like me you pack them up again, year after year.  Get rid of them.

Ornaments organization is the key here. I have a big bin, the biggest I could find.  I wrap each ornament in tissue paper and pack it nicely in the tin.
If your tree is in the corner don't worry about decorating the back. No one sees it, no one knows but you!
I hope some of my tips helped you. If you have any to share please leave a comment. I would love to know how you make it stress free.


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