Thursday, December 6, 2012

Candy Cakes & Candy Christmas Tree's

I could not wait to share with you
what I have been making for some of my friends.
My friend Karen's birthday is Saturday and I had to make a candy cake for her.
She is going to be so surprised when she see's this. 
The whole cake is edible. It was so much fun to create this. Since showing people the picture I received a few orders. The Christmas tree is an order for a client that is giving it to her Dr. office. She wanted certain candies for her tree.
This has inspired me to make topiary, and so much more. 
I think I found a new hobby!
The cakes and the tree come in 2 different sizes. I also have them in my shop on my site and also on my
They make great gifts for all occasions. Guaranteed to make someone smile! There is still time to place your order! If you order this week there is free shipping. But don't wait to long the free shipping goes away Sunday night.  
Make sure you order your's today!


Sandra Lee said...

Your creativity is off the charts!

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