Saturday, October 6, 2012

Where Should I have My Event Part 2

Where Should I Have My Event Part 2
Here are more options for your event.  Again each one is different and each one
gives your event a personality.  
Mansions- These are usually homes or estates that rent their property out for events.  A lot of these places are historic and are so beautiful because the grounds are taken care of with only the best flowers and decorations around.  It's a beautiful setting for any event.  Usually an outside event , but they do offer
seating for large groups inside too.
Hotels- Hotels are the most popular of all venues.  Allowing guests on site accommodations as well as spas, exercise rooms, room service, shuttles and someone always there to help you.
Country Clubs- Are listed in the top 3 places to have an event.  Allowing guests to use their activities such as tennis, spas, and golf.  Since so many weddings and events are at Country Clubs there is always a party planner to work with you and help you with your special day.   They are the ones that take care of everything for you, from the moment you sign your contact with them.  They are used to dealing with large groups and always go out of their way to make you happy!
Banquet Halls - This is the most cost efficient way to have your event.  Allowing you to create the party you want.  You will most likely bring in the food, drinks, chair, tables etc.. A lot of places have a few rules but more or less you can be
in charge of your affair.
Restaurants- If you are having a smaller event, and just inviting close friends, then this is the perfect place for you.  It allows you to have more of an intimate party.  There is always plenty of staff to help you, and they
almost always work with you on the times. 
I hope you now have an easier time when it comes to decide where to host your event!!


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