Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Disney Halloween

Before Halloween is over I wanted to make sure I shared with you my pictures of some of the really
cool things I found in Disney. 
Of course the park is decorated with
Mickey Pumpkins all over! 
I just love when it's a special time of year. 
Disney goes all out.  Not only do they go all out with the decorations but the cookies, the apples, cupcakes and candy are all done in the same theme. 
 After November 3 its  Christmas time.  New decorations go up, and the rest is history..
It amazes me how fast they turn it all around. 
You can go to the park one day and see Halloween and the next day its Christmas.
 I am so lucky that I live in Florida.
 I can take advantage of it all year long!!
If you have never been to the parks during the holidays. You must really try to visit. 
 It would take your breathe away!   


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