Thursday, October 11, 2012


Well I must say there are very talented people out there.   Pumpkin art is at a new level.  Everyone is creating a new look for their pumpkins this year. 
I have seen some with pearls, sequence, and beautiful stones. I guess the basic decorating days of a pumpkin where you just cut out a eye, nose and mouth
is a thing of the past. 
Some of these ideas below I would never even think of.
I found these in Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine  
It has me trying to create a one of a kind pumpkin.  
I thought I would post my little Boo Pumpkin
 I made out of tissue paper.  I started now to make a pretty pink one and will post once its finished. 
 I also bought a white pumpkin (my favorite) and all I did was tie a pretty fall bow around it.  It gave it so much character. But that one I am saving to show you once I finish my front door entrance way....
So when creating your Halloween party this year, Take your pumpkin to the next level..   



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