Friday, October 5, 2012

Where Should I have My Event Part 1

Where should I have my event Part 1 
With all the new options now to have an event.  It can become quite confusing where to have your party at.  Of course the first thing is to see what you can afford before you start planning.  Once you have your budget its time to pick you venue. With so many out there  I have decided to help explain the different ones your can choose to host your event.
The Ballroom-Ideal for an elegant sit down event. They hold a large crowd and are designed for groups of 300 or more.  Ballrooms can become quite costly as a lot of them you are just renting the room only!
Outdoors- Events at parks, gardens and beaches give you the openness that you need with out having to pay extra.  But be careful of the time of year.  Rain could be a problem. Having an event outdoors gives your quests a relaxed feeling.
The Arts- Museums are up and coming now. If you watch 4 weddings you will see many brides planning their events at old museums.  Depending on the type of museum you can make your event one o a kind giving it a special look.
Urban- Another big trend.  Having your event on the top floor of a building over looking the city lights.  With windows all over the room will allow guests to enjoy the lights beaming in as they are dancing the night away!.      


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These are really good ideas, thank you.

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