Monday, September 3, 2012

I Am Still Here!

All summer I promised myself that I would stay on top of my blogs. I failed!
Yes I can admit that. I thought and thought of what I wanted to share and again I failed. My friends say it needs to be a habit.
I need to plan some of my blog writing. Maybe they are right.
So with that said. I have planned a few weeks in advance to share my designs, stories and my ideas. I know it's been awhile. But I am really going to try! It's just when I sit down in
front of this computer it has me going all over the place.
I end up some place else.
If you blog I would love to hear how you find the time as well as what your plan is to stay on top of it?

This summer I have been so busy with my other business. It's been a good thing. I can't be happier to see it grow as fast as it has in just 2 months. When you really want something to take off its possible!
I did get into Groupons this summer for my new business but they over sold me. It was a great learning experience. It took my
business to the next level! But I will not ever do that again!
I also was busy updating my new site and store. I would love for
you to take a peak of all the great things that I now sell. I am in the process now of updating the Etsy site.
Please share my new blog with your friends.
Come join me there too and visit my store!
Would love to hear what you think!


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