Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guest Bags

Welcome Guest Bags
We sometimes forget our guests that travel.
 I feel its important to give arriving guests
something special..
Giving them a Welcome Bag makes them feel good, and shows that you appreciate that they are
there to share your special day. 
 My Dream Party has bags that we customize with 
hand-picked goodies that will satisfy midnight munchies, We fill the bag to the top with great little gifts and information on your special day. 
 Keep in mind that the best gift bags blend the fun with the practical and encourage people to
explore their surroundings.
 Make sure you include maps and things to do. 
Deliver in advance! 
Go the extra mile to make them feel special.  Don't forget a special note from the host & hostess 
My Dream Party has welcome bags no matter what the occasion is!  Bags come personalized!  


Sandra Lee said...

These are so cute and what a great idea.

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