Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blog Hop Wednesday

It's Blog Hop Wednesday.
This week I found this great tutorial on how to make a Scrappy Fabric Bunting from
Craftaholics Anonymous.
I thought this was so cute and can't wait to do it on my mantel.
Think outside the box. This is a great project for any occasion.

Scrappy Fabric Bunting

patriotic fabric bunting

So festive and fun! I added this cute bunting to my 4th of July Mantel and it looks great! Its the final touch it needed.

Need an idea for a craft to do with kids now that they’re on Summer Break? This bunting is very kid friendly! Your kids can help tie on the fabric and will have a blast deciding the order of the fabric.

June Craft Kit

fabric bunting craft kit

This is what comes in the Stars and Stripes fabric bunting kit: 7 fabrics coordinating patriotic fabrics and 90″ of cotton rope. To complete the kit, all you need is scissors/rotary cutter and matches or fray check.

And as always, I’ll show you how to make the kit whether or not you decide to buy one!

How to Make a Scrappy Fabric Bunting

how to make a fabric bunting

  1. Supplies: Stars and Stripes Craft Kit or 42″ of coordinating fabric, 90″ cotton rope, fray check/match, and rotary cutter/scissors.
  2. Cut the selvage off each piece of fabric.
  3. Cut your fabric into 1″ strips the long way. {so that your fabric measures 1″ x 43″ approx}
  4. Then cut your 1″ strips into 10″ lengths so that they measure 1″ x 10″. {You’ll have a couple inches excess}
  5. Determine what order you’d like your fabric strips in. This is the order I did to make a scrap fabric banner
  6. Using a match or fray check, finish both ends of the rope. I used a match to singe the ends of mine. {sorry for the order of the images being flip flopped in the image above!} ***Note: if children are helping with this craft, do not let them do this step.
  7. For each piece of fabric, fold in half and then place under the rope and pull the 2 ends through the loop as shown.
  8. Pull tight.
  9. You’ll want your first piece of fabric about 6″ away from the end of the rope. BUT you will have extra strips, so you could go all the way to the end if you’d like. I like to leave a little at the end without fabric because it makes it easier to tie or hang up.
  10. Push the strips together as you go. There are extra fabric strips in the kit so you can bunch them up tight or spread them out and you’ll have enough for your bunting.

patriotic fabric bunting

There are so many ways to use these cute fabric buntings! You can put them on mantels, doorways, stairways, banisters, shelves, windows, doors, or even just on the wall with a grouping of frames! Very easy to decorate with and they are not breakable. Which is always a plus when you have kids :)


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