Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blog Hopping Wednesday

I love blogs. I must subscribe to 100's of them. I love looking at all the creative parties, food, and crafts that people come up with. It amazes me. So on Wednesdays I will be sharing with you some of my favorite ones. I found this Bow Toe Wrap from Martha Stewart.
Now who would have thought of this??

Bow Tie Wrap
Instead of gift-boxing a tie for Dad this year, why not tie a gift box? Bow ties fit around many small gifts, and both the traditional and pretied kinds will work. If Dad wears bow ties, a new "bow" can be an added present. If he prefers neckties, an inexpensive vintage bow tie can be used just for fun. Tie the bow around a gift box or two. For a fancier look, dress a wrapped box with ribbon before adding the tie. For a bottle of wine, wrap the length of a pretied bow around the middle a couple of times. This will tighten any slack, letting the tie's smallest setting catch.


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