Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Party Favor Ideas

Party Favor Ideas..
Don't you just love the idea of giving party
favors in a jar?  I do! 
I think they are so much fun. 
You can use it for just about anything.  from take home drinks, cookies candy and so much more.     
This trend packing gifts in jars has been around for awhile now.   It's not just cute but it's also cost effective for anyone to do for just about any event.
If you are using cupcakes or any other type of food. 
Just cool them in a cool place.  This allows your to make them in advance.
Add ribbon and embellishments makes
 them stand out. 
Some times you can find jars in many colors,
 just by searching around.
Mason jars are the most popular. 
I have now seen them in stores such as
Walmart and Target.  You can save on the shipping!.
Here is a price breakdown of what it can cost for you to make your own party/gift favor.
Hot Chocolate Favor
Your Cost
Jars for 12 favors           $36.00
Cocoa                               $ 3.50
Powdered Milk                 $1.00
Mini Marshmallows         $2.00
Peppermint Candies       $1.00
Chocolate Chips             $1.50
Ribbon                             $3.00
Tape                                 $2.00
Cardstock                        $1.00
Total $51.00 for 12 favors or $4.25 each..
I hope this gives you an idea, have fun with it.  They make a great Holiday Gift.  


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