Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Black Friday

Black Friday is just about here.  
I love going out in the middle of the night.  Last year was the first year I took my daughter with me.  She had a blast, and could not believe all the people!!  We made it until 4 AM and then she gave up.  Being it was her first time we just looked.  No buying.  But then again how can I buy for her
when she is with me? 
This year it's not the same.  The stores are opening so early which takes all the fun awayl!
I wanted to share with you some tips on Black Friday.
Before you head out.  Make sure that you make your list of what your looking for.  There are so many things around to gain your attention, by the time you get to the item you really wanted its gone. Go to a lot of times they leak information and sales that are
not even in the paper.
Remember the ads come out in the paper the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  Prioritize your list. 
Go to the store that is the first on your list or you will never get that item.  If your paying cash even better. You save about 20% when you pay with cash. 
 Call the stores to see what time they are open.  A lot of stores give you numbers so you don't have to wait on line all night.  Find out when they start giving those numbers out!
There is a new app out called The TGI Black Friday app.  It lets you view instantly updated ads for major retailers and compares prices for you. offers a black Friday app that gives you leaked ads. 
Stores keep the most expensive merchandise eye level, while lower-cost items are on the shelves or down below. Sale items are most often placed in the back left hand corner of the store.  This is their way of having you walk around the store. If you find something and its not in your size.  Buy it anyway.  Wait a week and return it when your size comes in.
Don't wait for Cyber Monday.  Last year about 90 percent of online retailers offered deals on Thanksgiving weekend.  Get it while you can.
I hope you have no stress and make it a fun night.  I know I am.  I can't wait to go out this year with my daughter, as a matter of fact I think its going to be a tradition now!


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