Sunday, April 3, 2011

Getting Ready~ Part 1

Hi!! I spent all day today getting ready for a party I have on Thursday. It's a cake decorating party for a 6 year old. There are going to be 30 children. The party is only 1 hour long but you would never know it from all the work I am doing! It's for one of my best clients and I want to make sure she is happy! I wonder if people really know how much time is spent designing parties and giving it our own little touch. Below are pictures ( I added a few of the same because the lighting was not so good) Its my welcome frame for the cake table. I thought it came out so cute. Everyday until Thursday I will be showing you another element of the party until party day. Then everyone can see how it all looks when its all put together and time to party!! Enjoy!!


LaToya said...

Sounds like fun!

Rosann said...

Things look very cute and fun! You are quite talented! Just hopping over from BloggyMoms to check out your site. Glad I did! :)


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