Friday, March 8, 2013

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Martini

My husband and I went to a really cool party the other weekend. 
Everyone received a little shaker with an invitation to come for
happy hour to a friend's house.
It also gave us a recipe to make a Martini. 
When we arrived at our friends house everyone who was invited brought with them a different kind of Martini. It was really neat that we got to taste all different unusual kinds. I never knew so many existed. The shakers were small and the glasses were little shot glasses so no one really had too much to drink. Her desserts were really cool, A lot of different kinds of mini donuts. It was so much fun!.
I wanted to share our recipe with you. 
We were lucky enough to have the chocolate Covered Strawberry Martini.
Pour 1 tbsp. strawberry syrup into martini glass
fill cocktail shaker with ice
add 3 tbsp each of vanilla, vodka and creme de cacao
Cover shake for about 30 seconds
This makes 1 serving.
add chocolate covered strawberry.
 ( we made 12 chocolate covered strawberries to bring with us)
mini donuts


Sandra Lee said...

OMG Cindy this is fabulous!!!!!!!

preeti said...

Love this strawberry martini. We will be celebrating my dd's birthday with party princess productions and I was looking for party drinks for adults. Guess I got nice ideas over here.Thanks for sharing recipe.

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